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  • With cars getting more and more complex, who has the skills to perform routine maintenance tasks? YOU DO! Forecourt Fixes guides you through the many things that you can do to keep your car running smoothly and safely.
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  • In this episode of Forecourt Fixes we guide you through a few of the checks and topping up points you'll find under the bonnet of your car. Some things, such as the brake fluid, you will probably never need to top up.... Whereas other reservoirs, like the windscreen washer tank, you will need to refill regularly. But firstly, how do you get the bonnet open??
  • As the only points of contact that your vehicle has with the road surface, keeping your tyres at the optimum pressure, tread depth and general condition is of the utmost importance. In this episode we guide you through the checks that you should regularly perform on your car.... Tyre pressures, where to find the manufacturer's recommended pressures, and how to pump up your tyres when needed.... Tyre tread depth to help you stop in an emergency... and looking for cracks and damage...
  • You've just noticed that one of your tyres is looking flat, and you can't see any big holes in it.... Now is the time to try an Emergency Tyre Inflator canister.... and we'll show you how! Whilst these cans are not appropriate for every tyre deflation problem, we'll guide you through the times that you'll be thankful that you keep one in your boot!
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